Boston-Edison RADIO PATROL

Boston-Edison now has its own citizen's radio patrol!

What is Citizen's Radio Patrol?

  • We are neighborhood residents, just like you, volunteering our time to make Boston-Edison a safer place to live.
  • The Detroit Police Dept assisted us in becoming one of 27 recognized Radio Patrols in the City of Detroit.
  • The Boston-Edison Radio Patrol (BERP) and its members agree to follow the City Ordinance that governs Radio Patrols. This allows us to receive reimbursement from the City for mileage and other expenses.
  • Each member of the Patrol agrees to volunteer a minimum of 4 hours per month (2-2 hour shifts) as part of a regularly scheduled patrol.
  • Each member agrees to attend one meeting per month (for 1 hour) to sign monthly mileage sheets, receive additional training, etc.

A typical Radio Patrol shift is made up of 2 cars & 5 volunteers:

  • Drivers (x2): The Driver uses his/her own vehicle to slowly drive (10 mph) the streets of Boston-Edison, looking for suspicious activity. (Driver receives $0.50 per mile reimbursement from the city - paid quarterly.)
  • Observers (x2): Each Driver is accompanied by an Observer, who also looks for suspicious activity and is responsible for communicating with the Base Station and other Patrol Car as needs arise.
  • Base Operator: This individual currently remains at his/her own residence and serves as the home base for the patrol. He/she contacts the Police Dept to inform them of the times we are patrolling. The Base Operator is responsible for calling 911 or the local Precinct / District regarding any suspected illegal activities.

The typical Radio Patrol shift is for 2 hours.

The Patrols are scheduled at varying hours through-out the day / week (most often providing coverage when DSS is not on duty or during times of higher criminal activity).

How to Join the Radio Patrol:

  • All volunteers must first get Police Clearance. Fill out the volunteer application (in pdf form or as a Word document) and return it to the BERP President, Trevor Footitt, at 2205 Longfellow (at the corner of 14th).
  • We will submit the application and notify you once we receive clearance.
  • All new volunteers will receive a copy of the BERP By-Laws which explain the Patrol and its basic functions.
  • All new volunteers must ride along on a shift as a Trainee, to learn the basics of patrolling.
  • The volunteer can then sign up for whatever position he/she feels most comfortable serving.

More Volunteers = More Cars / More shifts

(Monetary donations also accepted to help defray the cost of the Patrol.)

For More Information:

Call Trevor Footitt at 313-869-2757


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