Boston-Edison Traffic Study Survey

As many have noticed, with the onset of the pandemic, it seems there has been an uptick in excessive speeding and other traffic issues throughout our area. The HBEA Public Safety Committee understands this is a significant concern for residents and has been actively discussing possible solutions. These solutions have included ideas such as curb bump-outs at crosswalks, speed humps, additional stop signs, making north/south streets two-ways, increased DPD patrols, and better street markings, to name just a few. We realize a proper solution to the speeding and traffic issues will require multiple initiatives and changes to happen. One potential aspect of a solution, which is the purpose of this survey, is closing the John C. Lodge freeway entrance and exit ramps on Chicago Blvd.

A large part of the speeding is believed to be from people in the surrounding area using our neighborhood as a quick pass through to get to the Lodge. It is thought that many of those using Chicago Blvd. as access to the Lodge has been dangerously speeding and ignoring traffic signals/signs. Closing the ramps could potentially help eliminate some of the issues.

To move forward, we need first to see what most neighbors think about closing the ramps. If a majority says yes, the HBEA will work with city and state officials in doing traffic studies (including temporarily closing the ramps) and assessing the effectiveness and other possible side effects that might happen with the closing. This information would lead to understanding if permanently closing the ramps would reduce speeding and traffic concerns. To be clear, this will be a long process and may or may not lead to the ramps' eventual closing. It is simply the opportunity to conduct a study.

If you have any additional questions about this survey or would like to join the HBEA Public Safety Committee to help work towards solutions to our neighborhood's safety concerns, please contact the Security Committee Chair, Pierre Haden, at

Please respond online by July 30, 2021 or if you wish to respond via snail mail, you can mail your response to: Historic Boston-Edison, P.O. Box 02100, Detroit, MI 48202.


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