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Congratulations to Elma Peddy - Resident Centenarian

Saturday, May 02, 2020 2:17 PM | Anonymous

WHEREAS, longevity of life is a blessing for a centenarian, and for the community which benefits from the wealth of knowledge, leadership, humanity, and experiences Mrs. Elma W. Peddy brings to all; and

WHEREAS, the Historic-Boston Edison Association recognizes with respect and admiration the profound contributions to her family, and our community; and

WHEREAS, Mrs. Elma W. Peddy was born May 4, 1920, in Yazoo City, Mississippi. The second child of five, she seized life with zeal and purpose. Taught unbridled self-reliance by her parents, Rev. David Daniel, and Delessie Willis, a young Mrs. Peddy toured the State of Mississippi, singing with her then-young siblings called the Willis Singers. In high school, she was active in the Glee Club and the Drama Club and always garnered leading roles in productions, singing, and acting. Her interest and talent in the arts would serve her family later in life; and

WHEREAS, Mrs. Peddy was married to the late William Adolph Peddy, and together they raised four children-James, Paul, Wendelin and William. In July 1958, the Peddys moved to Longfellow Street in Boston-Edison, exposing each of her children to the arts and educational opportunities, producing musicians, actors, educators, accountants, and computer engineers; and

WHEREAS, Mrs. Peddy attended Oakland Community College, Highland Park College of Nursing, Madonna College of Nursing, and Wayne State University, College of Lifelong Learning, graduating as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (expanding the role of the registered nurse). Due to her love of service and her love of children, Mrs. Peddy helped to pioneer a new and expanded role in the Nursing profession, caring for young mothers and their babies. This was utilized by the Health Department and the Metropolitan Hospital Pediatric Department, and helped develop the teaching model that trains more Nurse Practitioners; and

WHEREAS, attributable to her undying love for the arts, along with her family, she founded the "Peddy Players Theatre Company," which gained State recognition for its work as the number one Black Theatre Company in the State of Michigan. The Company hosted a 25 nation International Theatre Festival Olympiad, held in Detroit, becoming the only local Black Theatre Company, booked in Detroit’s Historic Fisher Theater. Under her direction, the company explored an idea: art forms used in the musical theater could increase reading and writing skills in school-age youth. Thus, The Youth Theater reading and writing program became a part of the Company's itinerary. Over the years, thousands of youth ages 3 to 18 received training through alliances with public schools, recreation centers, churches; and

WHEREAS, Mrs. Peddy has served in leadership positions in her Church, Sorority, and Community. As a member of Gamma Phi Delta Sorority, Beta Chapter she dedicated 65 years, receiving several awards and served in various capacities to include Basileus, Northern Regional Director and Vice President of the Gamma Phi Delta Sorority Foundation in 1999. From 1995-1999, the servant leader was appointed to the Kellogg Youth Foundation Planning Committee, and in 1999 General Chair Lady for the 75th Anniversary Metropolitan Baptist Church; and

WHEREAS, Her humanitarianism has been duly noted through her affiliations as a: Life Member, NAACP; Michigan Nurses Association; Top Ladies of Distinction, Inc., Detroit Chapter Member; Metropolitan Baptist Church; Wayne County Citizens for Better Education; Associate Member, North Carolina A&T Alumni, Detroit Chapter; Considine Recreation Center Advisory Council and merited her numerous prestigious awards including the Spirit of Detroit Awards in 1982, and 1991; and

WHEREAS, today Mrs. Peddy should be honored for 100 years of perpetual love of family, church and community and on her prodigious impact on Nursing and the Arts in the City of Detroit and beyond; and

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT PROCLAIMED as we, the Historic Boston-Edison Association, Dianne Bostic Robinson, President of the Board of Directors and the residents of Boston-Edison, declare May 4th 2020 as Elma W. Peddy Day in Boston-Edison as we honor Mrs. Elma Peddy for her exceptional life, and wish her many more years to come. This the 4th Day of May 2020.

Join us for a "drive-by" celebration on May 4th from 3-5pm on Longfellow between Second Ave and Woodward Ave.

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