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Beautiful Boston-Edison District

Sunday, September 15, 2013 3:37 PM | Deleted user

Megan Krueger, BLAC Detroit, September 2013 (An introduction to the neighborhood)

Boston-Edison is a special slice of Detroit for many reasons - from grand homes once owned by some of the city's biggest names to a vibrant community of passionate residents who keep the neighborhood looking good.

"There's a lot of history here," says Brian Ceccon, president of the Historic Boston-Edison Association and resident for 15 years. Homes in the neighborhood were built in subdivisions during three different time periods: 1905-06, 1915-16 and 1925, he says....

Ceccon says Boston-Edison has always been a diverse neighborhood. Even historically, the neighborhood never had "restrictive religious covenants" preventing any group of people from living there, the site notes. "Racially diverse, socio-economically diverse, ethnically, religious, sexual orientation - it's just a very diverse neighborhood, and I think that's another one of the attractions," he says.

Dorothy Hall, 83, has lived in the neighborhood since 1968. She says everybody who lives there is "really nice." "It's kind of like everybody looks out for everybody else," she says.

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