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Touring the Boston-Edison Historic District

If you enjoy history and historic architecture, the Historic Boston-Edison Association's archivist, Jerald A. Mitchell, has created a pair of self-guided tours of the neighborhood. Tours are linked to below; in addition, printable versions can be downloaded and printed out, ready for your next visit to the neighborhood.

Driving Tour

The driving tour of the Boston-Edison neighborhood guides you past residences of some of the historically significant people who have made Boston-Edison their home. The tour is split into two loops: a three-and-a-half mile loop through the eastern portion of the neighborhood, between Woodward Avenue and the Lodge Freeway, and a six-mile loop through the western portion, between the Lodge Freeway and Linwood Avenue.

Walking Tour

The walking tour of the Boston-Edison neighborhood focuses on the homes of some of Boston-Edison's most historically prominent residents and those that have significant and unique architectural styles. The tour runs a little over two miles from start to finish through the eastern portion of the neighborhood, between Woodward Avenue and the Lodge Freeway.

Holiday Home Tour

The Historic Boston-Edison Association sponsors a Holiday Home Tour in December of every year as a fundraising event. Five homes, decorated for the Holidays, are open. This Tour is a chance for you to view the fine exterior and interior residential architecture of the early 1900's up close.

More information on the Holiday Home Tour

Other Organizations in the Area

The Boston-Edison Historic District is surrounded by and includes a number of other organizations. These are other historic districts, as well as community and religious organizations.

More information about other organizations in the area

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