The Historic Boston-Edison Association is headed by an elected Board of Directors, however, much of the Association work is performed in HBEA's committees.

Committee membership is open to all residents of Boston-Edison. Volunteers are needed on all committees. If you love the Boston-Edison neighborhood and want to help make a difference, Volunteer Now by clicking the button below!

Standing Committees


Oversees the maintenance of the parks, boulevards, vacant lots and alleys, including but not limited to trash pick-up, mowing and landscaping.

Meeting Date: Standing - 3rd Wednesday
Chair: Kimberly Williamson


Strives to bring into the Association as active members, all eligible residents of the district.

Meeting Date: Standing - 1st Wednesday
Chairs: Tina Patterson & Raymond Landsberg

Public Relations

Recommends and implements neighborhood and public relations communications and campaigns. Works to brand HBEA.

Meeting Date: Standing - 4th Wednesday
Chairs: Karen Seaman & Greg Sikora Mowers

Holiday Home Tour

Organizes and conducts all aspects of the annual Boston Edison Holiday Home Tour.

Meeting Date: As needed
Chair: Karen Seaman


Works to improve the security of residents through education campaigns, working with City departments and other agencies. Supports Private Security Patrol in Boston-Edison as well as a Citizen Radio Patrol.

Meeting Date: Standing - 3rd Monday
Chair: Michael Mowers


Encourages homeowners compliance with all zoning ordnances and historic standards.

Meeting Date: Standing - 3rd Wednesday
Chairs: Patti Jernigan

Other Ad Hoc & Event Committees


Recommends and provides oversight for audits and/or financial reviews, fiscal policies and standing rules. Proposes HBEA budget.

Meeting Date: Monthly
Chairs: Monique Stanton & Raymond Landsberg

Fund Development

Maintains relationships with existing donors and friends of HBEA, and seeks out new donors and connections to expand fundraising for HBEA.

Meeting Date: Monthly
Chair: Pamela Miller Malone

House Concert Music Series

Orchestrates the in-home concert series showcasing musicians to listeners from inside and outside B-E.

Meeting Date: As needed
Chair: Michelle May

Home Preservation Fair

Organizes the annual event for residents to meet with contractors specializing in work in historic districts.

Meeting Date: As needed
Chair: Pamela Miller Malone

Picnic In The Park

Organizes the annual August Picnic in Voigt Park for Boston-Edison neighbors.

Meeting Date: As needed
Chairs: Dianne Bostic Robinson & Alyse Wesorick


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