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Living in B-E

The Boston-Edison Historic District is a multi-racial, multi-ethnic neighborhood conveniently located in the heart of Detroit.

What's near Boston-Edison?

Detroit is a spread-out city made for driving; most places are more than an easy walk away. However, here are some businesses and amenities conveniently close to Boston-Edison.


Health Care

Other Businesses

  • Celebrity Car Wash, 8651 Woodward
  • Michigan Humane Society, 7401 Chrysler Drive
  • Maurice's High-Tech Automotive, 57 Harper

Parks and Recreation

  • Voigt Park: On Edison/Longfellow, between Second and Third
  • Gordon Park: Clairmount and Rosa Parks
  • Williams Community Center: 8431 Rosa Parks

What's in Detroit?

The Boston-Edison Historic District is at the geographic heart of Detroit. The location is conveniently close to much of what Detroit has to offer. All major freeways are nearby, putting Boston Edison minutes away from most of the rest of the metropolitan area.

Sporting Venues

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