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Become a Dues-Paying Member of the
Historic Boston-Edison Association

The history of Boston-Edison, its architecture, and the sense of community that we have all grown to love is unmatched by other Detroit neighborhoods. While these features make Boston-Edison special, the most important feature of this neighborhood is you, our residents. The Historic Boston-Edison Association works to maintain and strengthen the fabric of our neighborhood by connecting you to your neighbors, keeping you informed about issues that impact Boston-Edison, and organizing events that draw new residents and help improve the health of our neighborhood.

While the Historic Boston-Edison Association is doing wonderful work to keep our neighborhood connected and beautiful, the Association is dependent on your participation and support.

What Do Your Dues Do?

By joining the Association, you are supporting organization of the annual Holiday Home Tour, The Sounds of Music House Concert Series, Picnic in the Park and other events that bring neighbors together. You are making the publication of the Historic Boston-Edison Newsletter possible and keeping the Security Patrol active to deter crime. Perhaps most importantly, you are ensuring that you have a voice in the direction of our neighborhood and the Association has the resources it needs to continue to advocate on behalf of the interests of Boston-Edison residents. Our HBEA Board of Directors is elected by the Association members. Help us preserve what makes this neighborhood a great place to live. Join the Historic Boston-Edison Association today!

Your dues support our signature programs, projects events and so much more:

  • Daffodils on the boulevards and Voigt Park collaboration with the city GSW department

  • Signature flowerbeds provide aesthetic beauty of the gateways of

  • Boston-Edison banners on Woodward and Linwood

  • Holiday decorations on all the historic light poles

  • Easter Egg Hunt

  • Picnic in the Park

  • Art in the Park

  • Opera in the Park

  • Ice Cream Social/ Movie Night

  • Alley Clean-up/ Hops in the Alley

  • Oktoberfest

  • Bowling

  • Holiday Caroling

  • Maintenance of vacant homes and lots

  • Holiday Home Tour and so much more;

We do understand some residents may be impacted financially due to the national emergency. Dues may be collected through out the year.

Find out more about HBEA in About HBEA. To learn more about the Security Patrol, Community Relations, Public Relations, Beautification, Zoning, and Holiday Home Tour committees, read about the structure of the Association.

Important note:  Please be aware that HBEA operates on a Fiscal Calendar (each fiscal year begins on May 1st and runs through April 30th). All dues payments made from January through March will be for the current fiscal year and thus continued membership would require a renewal May.


If you've already paid dues for this year and would like to make an additional donation, please click below.

Want To Be More Active In HBEA?

The Historic Boston-Edison Association is made up of volunteers from the neighborhood. If you're interested in making a difference in Boston-Edison, more volunteers are always welcome on any of the Committees. To participate, contact HBEA.


If you have any other questions about HBEA, membership, dues, or volunteering, call the Boston-Edison Phone Line at (313) 883-4360, or email us at info@historicbostonedison.org, and ask for more information.


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