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The Historic Boston-Edison Association is an association of the residents of the Boston-Edison Historic District. We all love our big old historic homes, and they are a major investment of our money, time, and energy. Through the Association, we work together as a community to safeguard the value, character, and appearance of our homes and our neighborhood.

Board of Directors. The Historic District is divided into areas, each of which is represented on the Board of Directors of the Association. The Board has standing committees that work on areas of common interest to residents. Current directors are given in the List of Board Members. Minutes of Board meetings are recorded in the residents-only section.

Committees. Much of the work of HBEA is accomplished in the various standing committees, listed below. Residents are encouraged to participate in committee work; there's always room for extra help! Read more here about committee meetings and call the Boston-Edison Phone Line at 313-883-4360 or send us an email to express your interest.

Beautification Committee. This committee works to keep our public spaces maintained, including streets, boulevards, parks, vacant lots, and alleys. The committee works with both the City and with residents with respect to trash collection, mowing, and landscaping.

Membership Committee. Residents enjoy a sense of community in a neighborhood that is socially, racially and ethnically diverse. We share common interests in our homes and in neighborhood issues. This committee works to promote the community among residents and the pride we have in our homes and our neighborhood, which is one of the premier addresses in the Detroit metropolitan area. The committee educates residents about our history and historical importance and sponsors a variety of community-building activities.

Public Relations Committee. We want to always be connected with each other and with the greater community. This committee works to promote the neighborhood among residents and to the world outside our district. The committee is responsible for this website, as well as our printed materials and social media accounts that keep us informed about B-E no matter where we call home.

Public Safety and Zoning Committee. The value of our homes and the quality of our lives, depend on the neighborhood being secure. This committee works with the Police Department on crime prevention, including projects to educate residents about home security measures they must take to be secure.

Homes in the Boston-Edison Historic District are protected by the City's historic district zoning ordinances. The value of our homes depends partly on how well we preserve the historic architectural character of the neighborhood as a whole. Zoning restrictions are a crucial protection for the neighborhood and thereby for each of us. This committee works to promote compliance with historic and zoning ordinances through educational efforts, working with various city and county departments, and through legal action when required. Read more about the Zoning Committee initiatives in the residents-only section.

Holiday Home Tour Committee. The Association sponsors the annual Holiday Home Tour of Boston-Edison homes. This committee plans and conducts the tour, including selecting homes, making arrangements, selling tickets, conducting tours, assisting participating homeowners, advertising, and preparing the souvenir program.

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To participate in the activities of the Board and its committees, read more here and click the button below to express your interest.

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