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The Historic Boston-Edison Association is an association of the residents of the Boston-Edison Historic District. We all love our big old historic homes, and they are a major investment of our money, time, and energy. Through the Association, we work together as a community to safeguard the value, character, and appearance of our homes and our neighborhood.


Mission & Goals

The mission of the Historic Boston-Edison Association is to safeguard the value, character, and appearance of our homes and our neighborhood for the benefit of all residents.


our structure

The Historic District is divided into areas, each of which is represented on the Board of Directors of the Association. Find out who represents you with this List of Board Members.

Our by-laws

The organizational governing document in which our activities and processes are derived from.

When you are a member of the HBEA, you are supporting organization of the annual Holiday Home Tour, the Annual Attic Sale, the Concerts in Boston-Edison music series, Picnic in the Park, Oktoberfest and many other events that bring neighbors together. You are making the publication of the Historic Boston-Edison Newsletter possible and keeping the Security Patrol active to deter crime.

Did you know?  Membership in the Historic Boston-Edison Association (HBEA) is not just limited to residents! Many former neighbors and city philanthropists have joined as a means of support.

Help us preserve what makes this neighborhood a great place and become member of the Historic Boston-Edison Association today!


Volunteers are needed across our organization for jobs of all types. If you love the Boston-Edison neighborhood and want to help make a difference please consider lending some time with us.


HBEA sponsors numerous events throughout the year for the benefit of residents and surrounding community members. 

stay informed

For residents and non-residents alike! B-E in the know by reading our newsletter and receiving news and updates about events and initiatives!

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