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Home Security

HBEA's Security Committee works to enhance neighborhood security. Part of the Security Committee's actions are to tell you about some things you can do to be safer and to protect your property.

Who? You!

You are the first and best source of security for yourself and your property. No one can protect you or your property as well as you can.

Know What To Do

You can do many things that protect your property, but you have to do them! Here are a list of tips, suggestions, and other information that you can use to keep you and your home secure.

BE Involved:

Security Patrol: Join the security patrol. Here are the advantages to the neighborhood and to you.

Lights On: Criminals love the dark. Turn on on your lights! Here's why.

Be Involved: Walk the neighborhood. Be involved. Watch.

Report Crimes: Report all crimes to the police and the Boston-Edison Hotline.

General Security:

Security Matters Quiz: Are you as security-conscious as you could be? Take this quiz and find out.

Home Security Checklist: How secure is your home? Follow this simple checklist and find out.

General Security Tips: Security tips, things to be aware of, who to call, and what to know.

Verified Alarm Response: The DPD requires a verified alarm signal. Here's what that means.

Home Security Areas:

Doors: What you need to know about locks and door security.

Cars & Garages: Protect your car as you would your home.

Garages & Outdoors: Keep your outdoor possessions in your possession.

Interior Lighting Tips: More on how to use and time your interior lights.



The most important thing you can do!

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