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important security tips

REMEMBER: Burglars are opportunists! They are looking for EASY targets. If the risk of detection is too high, they will not attempt to enter your home.

Outdoor Lighting

  • LIGHTS ON! Make sure your property is well-lit.
  • Keep lights on from DUSK to DAWN.
  • Be sure lights are out of reach.
  • Purchase Motion Detectors. . .some screw right into the light socket.

Trees & Shrubs

  • Trim shrubs down to 2 feet or under
  • Trim overgrown trees around your home.
  • Plant shrubs with thorns (roses, barberry, etc.)
  • Clean up your alley - if you didn't get to it during Motor City Makeover, NOW IS THE TIME!

Fences & Gates

  • Make sure your driveway and alley gates and fences are secure. Look for any point of weakness and repair it right away.


  • Install an alarm and make sure it works properly. False alarms will cause neighbors to ignore the sound when the "real thing" happens!
  • Family dogs are a great deterrent to burglars - acting as alarms and property protection!

Other Areas

  • Mark or etch your valuables - they are harder for thieves to sell if identified.
  • Secure ladders or other tools that could be used for entering your home.

As a Neighborhood

  • Be aware of who lives around you.
  • Alert the police if you see suspicious people or vehicles on your street.
  • Offer to collect a neighbor's mail and newspapers when they are on vacation; find a trusted neighbor to do the same for you if you are away for an extended period.
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