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The history of Boston-Edison, its architecture, and the sense of community that we have all grown to love is unmatched by other Detroit neighborhoods. While these features make Boston-Edison special, the most important feature of any neighborhood is our residents.

The Historic Boston-Edison Association works to maintain and strengthen the fabric of our neighborhood by connecting neighbors, keeping the community informed about issues that impact Boston-Edison, and organizing events that draw visitors and new residents and help improve the health of our neighborhood.

Where Do HBEA Donations Go?

By donating to the Association you are supporting all our efforts, including organization of the Holiday Home Tour, Sounds of Music House Concert Series, Summer Attic Sale, Picnic in the Park, and so many other events that bring neighbors together. You also help make the publication of the Historic Boston-Edison digital newsletter possible and fund neighborhood beautification efforts.

Help us preserve what makes Boston-Edison a great place to live.

Your dues support our signature programs, projects events and so much more:

Donations do not include membership. If you're not already a member, please consider joining today. Membership is open to Boston-Edison residents and non-residents. We invite you to become a dues-paying member of the Historic Boston-Edison Association today.

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