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Neighborhood Museum

Wednesday, June 05, 2002 4:22 PM | Deleted user

Sarah Klein, The Metro Times, June 5, 2002
(A profile of the neighborhood)

Tucked away near burned factory shells and the fluorescent glare of strip-mall convenience lies one of Detroit's richest sources of history.

The Boston-Edison district is one of the most appealing neighborhoods in Detroit, and remains a sort of residential oasis in a city that is far too often concrete and gray.

Although many Detroiters might have peeked into the neighborhood for a brief glimpse of the striking mansions, many underestimate its expanse. Boston-Edison is an elongated rectangle, a 30-block district containing more than 900 homes, and is bounded by Boston, Edison, Linwood and Woodward. Another well-kept secret? It's the largest residential historic district in the nation....

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