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Cars & Garages

Breaking and entering vehicles is the most difficult crime to catch the perpetrators. There are many ways you can protect your cars. 

Park Your Cars off the Street!

Police cannot protect cars on the street. The best way to protect your car is to park off the street.

YOUR GARAGE is best! Use it! If you can't use your garage, repair or replace it. In the meantime, park in the backyard or driveway.

More Ways to Protect Your Car:

  • Lock your car. This sounds silly, but many people forget.
  • Do not park on the street. 
  • Do not leave anything visible in your car: no cell phones, no CDs, no briefcases, no clothing, not anything.
  • Secure your yard from the alley.
  • Lock all gates.
  • Repair fences.
  • Consider a gate across the driveway at the rear corner of your home.

Locking Devices

It takes 20 seconds to remove a catalytic converter with a cordless saw. It takes only a minute to remove a wheel and tire. For more security, get:

  • Wheel locks: A range of manufacturers make wheel locks, including Gorilla Auto and McGard. You can buy these, as well as other brands, through Amazon.
  • Catalytic converter guards: Catalytic converter guards on the market include the CatClamp and the CatLock.
  • Steering wheel clamps: Multiple manufacturers make steering wheel locks, including Winner International (The Club) and Master Lock. You can also buy these, as well as other brands, through Amazon.

Note: The manufacturers listed above are given only as examples for comparison purposes. HBEA is not specifically endorsing these manufacturers.

Garage Parking

Garages must be well-secured.

  • Close and lock the garage door.
  • Reinforce all garage doors. Install high-quality locks.
  • Install security bars only on the inside of windows.
  • Board up windows only with painted plywood and only on the inside.
  • Add alley or yard lights. Use motion detectors.

Good garages are a good security investment.

  • Clear out that garage, fix it up, and use it!
  • Install high-quality steel overhead garage doors.
  • Add steel entry doors or security doors.

If your garage is beyond hope, replace it.

  • Many companies specialize in building new garages.
  • Some will finance construction.
  • Remember that you must get Historic District Commission approval!)
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