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The Sacred Heart Seminary is located at the west end of the Boston-Edison historic district, at the corner of Linwood Avenue and Chicago Boulevard in Detroit.

Sacred Heart Seminary was established in 1919 by Bishop Gallagher. The structure was built in 1924 in an English Tudor-Gothic Architectural style and the general floor plan of the seminary resembles a rectangular "eight." The crosspiece of that eight is the chapel. Thus situated, the chapel is the true center of the building.

The architecture of the chapel is Gothic, the only decorations are stained glass windows and sculpture. The stained glass windows are imported from Munich, Germany, where they were made under the personal direction of Emil Frei, a specialist in this field. There are close to two hundred figures represented in the stained glass.

Chief among the donors for the chapel were the Fisher brothers. Through their generous gift, it was fitted with oak furniture. The sanctuary furniture, the choir stalls, the credence table are all made of solid oak. The pews in the nave show excellent craftsmanship in every detail. 

Source: Sacred Heart Seminary Silver Jubilee Program, 1919-1944. "Our Chapel," by William Kearns, pages 19-24.

Driving Directions

Sacred Heart Seminary can be reached by following the driving directions to the Boston-Edison Historic District. Once in the Historic District, take Chicago west and turn south on Linwood.  The entrance to the Seminary grounds is off Linwood, two blocks south of Chicago.

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