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Examples of high integrity, poor condition

Some houses have high integrity, even though they are in only moderate, or even poor condition.

This four-square house with Prairie/Arts and Crafts ornamentation has all of its elements in place. Original windows and doors exist. The porch has its steps, brick pillars, and low-pitched gable and decoration. The decorative stone courses are in place, both below the second story windows and along the porch rail. Brick walls and stucco are in good shape. 

While the house has been maintained and is basically in good repair, it is not in tip-top condition. A new roof is needed, as well as refreshing the paint. The chimney is starting to lean. Some gutters are hanging loose. A non-historic style of fence at the back corner could be improved.

This elegant house is in terrible condition, having sat vacant for several years. However, it still retains a rather high level of integrity. Many of the original windows with a 6/1 arrangement of panes are there. The porch roof is badly deteriorated, but survives. The brick pillars probably are not original, as they do not match the white pilasters. The three dormers keep their shape. All walls and the chimney are original and straight.

In rather better shape, although run down, is this shingle cottage. The ornamented facia board on the gable is an original detail. The original fish scale shingles are in good condition, as is the original wood clapboard. One original window has been replaced with a sliding window that is inappropriate to the style of the house. The side entry porch probably was an open porch originally and now is enclosed.

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